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Custom Benchtops Perth

When it comes to benchtops, we are able to manufacture and fabricate a range of benchtops using a variety of materials, from Solid Surface to Engineered Stone and from Natural Stone to Natural Timber.

Solid Surface – Solid Surface benchtops are the only benchtops that are truly hygienic and that is because they are non-porous so there are no little spaces or gaps where bacteria and mould can grow. Many customers choose solid surface benchtops because they can be joined together seamlessly and therefore there are no unsightly lines or joints in the benchtop.

Engineered Stone – Engineered Stone benchtops are hard and durable, making them a very popular choice for modern kitchens. They are also easy to maintain and can be repaired if chipped.

Natural Stone – Natural Stone benchtops have been and continue to be popular because they are manufactured from natural stone that is quarried from selected locations so there are no two benchtops that are alike in colour and pattern – each piece of natural stone is completely unique. It is this aspect that makes it so popular for people who are either building a new kitchen or renovating their old kitchen.

Natural Timber – Natural Timber benchtops are perfect if you’re looking to add character to your new kitchen. With one of a kind knots, colours and gradients, timber benchtops can add charm and style to a beach bungalow or rustic hideaway.

Porcelain – Porcelain benchtops are ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to its resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Porcelain tops are also scratch resistant and stain resistant – perfect for busy households!

If you’re undecided about the type of benchtop you’d like for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation, speak to our team of kitchen designers and they will assess your needs and provide advice on the best benchtop for you.

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