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Cabinet Door Styles Perth

Redoing your kitchen, doesn’t have to mean tearing down what is already there and starting all over again. Sometimes what is there is in very good condition and could last for another decade but could just do with a change or a facelift and that is where Culina Cabinets can help. At a fraction of the cost of a full renovation, we can help you reface your cabinet doors and draw fronts and give your old kitchen a new lease on life. If you’re choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets, there is a wide range of styles that you can choose from¬† – shaker style, heritage style, plus so much more.

Cabinet Styles

When choosing the style for your cabinets, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed because there are so many styles to choose from. Here is a small guide to hopefully help you choose the right style for your kitchen.


Shaker style cabinets can be identified by their five piece design – a single piece of timber as a backing with four smaller slats forming a border around the outer edge. If you’re looking to add subtle detail to your kitchen then shaker style cabinets are a good, classic style that won’t date.


Flat kitchen cabinets are perfect for contemporary, or modern style homes. Flat cabinets are easy to clean and are usually the most affordable style. With this style of cabinet you can opt to go with or without handles.


Why hide all your fine China behind locked cabinets, when you can proudly show it off in beautiful glass cabinets? Glass cabinets add a different dimension to a kitchen and are especially well suited to the popular Hamptons style homes. Glass cabinets can be beautifully styled with lighting and makes for spotting items a lot quicker. The only downside to glass cabinets is keeping the glass clean and inside the cabinets neat and tidy.


Heritage style cabinets are characterised by a raised central panel with more intricately detailed woodwork than shaker style cabinets. This traditional style of cabinet door is most often seen in Hamptons style homes. One word of advice though, this style of cabinet is best suited to large kitchens as the extra detailing can make a small kitchen appear cluttered.


Tongue and groove style cabinets are becoming quite popular as the style adds texture and interest to a space without making it look too cluttered. This style of cabinet is well suited to most styles, from country quaint to industrial and minimalist. They are extremely versatile and look great in bold colours or neutral shades.

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