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You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it”? This is our philosophy when it comes to kitchen makeovers. We all dream of having a kitchen from the pages of Architectural Digest but those kitchens are not always affordable. If you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen but feel that it is starting to look old and tired and your benchtop is all scratched up, we can help you with a simple kitchen makeover that could make a world of difference at a fraction of the price.

Cabinet Resurfacing vs Refacing

At the start of your kitchen makeover project, there are a range of ways to get the look you are after and selecting products can be fun and daunting at the same time, so how do you begin?


Cabinet resurfacing involves removing the existing doors and panels and then either providing a new painted finish or refacing the kitchen with ABS or timber doors, or we even offer a powder coated finish to doors. We then update your components i.e. hinges and runners. As far as makeovers go, resurfacing is the quickest way for a cosmetic improvement but resurfacing doesn’t fix structural and functionality issues like warped cabinets or faulty hardware and it’s also difficult to resurface cabinets with ornate designs. Cabinet resurfacing, however, is the ideal course of action if you’re only addressing physical issues on the cabinet such as scratches, dents and faded colours, or to update the colours or style of your cabinets.

Just remember that, you don’t necessarily have to reface the entire structure, especially if all the major hardware components are still in good condition.


Kitchen makeovers involve completely removing everything except the cabinet carcasses, and in some cases redoing a portion of the kitchen cabinets. A typical kitchen makeover will include:

• the removal and replacing of cabinet doors in whatever finish you may choose
• removing and replacing drawer fronts
• adding new handles
• adding a new benchtop
• adding new splashbacks
• adding soft close hinges and runners

A kitchen makeover is like getting a new kitchen with completely new components while cabinet resurfacing basically freshens up your cabinet doors only. With a resurfacing, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be replaced so you have the freedom to choose any new door design, finish, and material that you want. You can also expand your cabinets’ functionality with new soft close hinges, runners and handles.

New Benchtop and Splashback

With new cabinet doors, you’ll see a major difference in the way your kitchen looks but to add a real touch of class, we can also replace your old benchtop with a new engineered stone benchtop, in any colour you like. And for a pièce de résistance, you could also add a new stone, tile or glass splashback to give it a perfect finish.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to give your kitchen a makeover, give us a call and we’ll arrange a meeting at your home to discuss the makeover. During this meeting, we’ll do a full 3D measure and thereafter provide you with a full quote.

If you are also looking to purchase new appliances for your new kitchen, we can also arrange this for you as we also offer a full range of kitchen appliances from entry level through to high end and specialised appliances. We are also able to arrange trade discounts with most appliance retailers.

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